I am Marié Cruywagen, a digital business architect who loves to solve information problems, learn, create and collaborate.

Our mission is to put you in control of your digital future

We are entering a new era that builds and extends the impact of digitization on our lives in new and unanticipated ways.

Connaissance aims to help you understand, plan and create a digital future in which you can thrive.

Our Philosophy

Our worldview underpins our approach to finding and designing innovative solutions.



“My humanity is bound up in yours”

We believe the digital future belongs to those who embrace their own humanity and human ability.

We live the values of compassion, kindness, consideration, respect, empathy, tolerance, goodness and generosity.



“Let's work together and democratise technology”

We share the thinking of the open movement and work towards solutions in a spirit of transparency, collaboration, re-use and open-access.



“We always aim to raise the bar”

We challenge ourselves, stretch our goals, our minds and our actions.

We always strive to create extraordinary, professional solutions.

We believe in life-long learning and stay abreast with the latest thinking, trends and technologies.



“One size does not fit all“

We believe contextual differences determine best fit.

Understanding your specific context and designing a solution to match that is key to continual survival and growth.

Systems Approach

Systems Approach

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

We view organisations as open, adaptive systems where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our understanding of systems thinking allows us to design viable, integrated solutions.

Our Proposition

What sets us apart is our ability to explore and understand the context of your organisation, in order to design a solution with both your current capabilities and the future in mind.

Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience

We possess extensive experience in providing carefully considered solutions.

Ranging from a deep understanding of organisational capabilities and conditions for sustainable competitive advantage, to translating business requirements into viable solutions.

Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

With our extensive experience in enterprise architecture we pride ourselves in going beyond the obvious in order to deliver integrated, scalable solutions with the future in mind.



Research forms an integral part of our solution design process.

From conducting research into your internal or external environment, to developing an understanding of the latest technology trends and best-fit technology.

We understand research. We do research. We communicate research.